Spectrum IT Grant

We are so grateful to Spectrum Housing who have recently given us £1500 to update the computer equipment in the library. Our aim is to provide fast wifi broadband for use with own computers, together with tablets, laptops and a smart tv screen for training and presentation purposes. So much now is online, from benefit information to further education courses, and we think our community in West Wight deserves the resources to be digital citizens. £1500 is a good start, and we thank Spectrum Housing for giving us this opportunity. We will begin the project using this initial capital, and gradually develop it as more funds become available. If anyone would like to specifically donate towards this project please go to our local giving page here: https://localgiving.com/charity/friendsoffreshwaterlibrary

Or, if you know a source of funding that we can explore, please email us on info@fofl.co.uk.